Gaitrie Subryan

Gaitrie is a Teaching Artist, Choreographer and the Artistic Director and founder of “Devi Bollywood Performing Arts”. Gaitrie performs Arts in Education Residencies, Workshops, Lecture demonstrations as well as full-scale productions bringing an appreciation of culture, and traditions of Indian dance to thousands of young students and audiences of all ages. Growing up in the Bronx gave her the opportunity to engage with individuals from different backgrounds, this also gave her the chance to embrace her cultural roots and traditions. It has been important for her to learn more about where her family came from and to share with others this form of art. Gaitrie's classes for children, nurture students through fun, active movement exploration that builds focus and concentration and develops skills to be present in movement—physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is passionate about her art form and continues to be inspired by the joy children express in their experience of movement. As a dance educator and performer, Gaitrie has been a part of the roster of Young Audiences of Western New York for six years, she is also a company performer for The Sa Dance Company


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