Seeing Your Emotions Through Music and Art

Seeing Your Emotions Through Music and Art

“Seeing Your Emotions through Music and Art" - An interactive workshop for grades K - 5. New York State grade appropriate standards apply for Music and Visual Art with special emphasis on SEL skills.

This workshop takes students through a process of recognizing and discussing the emotions conveyed through music and visual art while utilizing the skills of emotional identification, empathy, and creativity. 

Students will view a masterwork and learn how the different elements of music and art combine to create an emotional response. The session demonstrates empathy allowing for different choices to be “correct” and seeing different perspectives using art. The second half of the workshop reverses the process - students will be responding to live music by creating visual art, movement, or writing, connecting and expressing their emotion(s) in a safe environment.


    Grade Level: K - 5
    Audience Limit: 30

    Performance cost (single): $300.00
    Performance cost (back to back): $530.00