Mapping The Road To Canaan

Mapping The Road To Canaan

Students will study the “Generalized Routes to Freedom” map c.1860. By studying the physical features, topography, state boarders, major cities and waterways of the Eastern U.S. students will gain a better understanding of the reality freedom seeking slaves faced as they set out on their journey to Canada. A discussion of the risks and common dangers that escaping slaves faced will be explored through the telling of true accounts from actual slave narratives. Students will learn about documented stops on the Underground Railroad in the Western New York region and will be asked to compose a plan in the form of a creative narrative. Students will be asked consider the following questions: Which state would your journey begin in? What route will you take? What places will you be sure to avoid? Who and what will you take with you?


    Grade Level: 4-12
    Audience Limit: 30
    Workshop cost (90 minutes of less): $196.00



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