Hoop Dance for Every Body!

Hoop Dance for Every Body!

No matter what age, size, or ability, anyone can tap into the many benefits that the hula hoop has to offer. Exercise, expression, excitement; this plastic circle truly serves as a multigenerational source of wellness and playfulness! First, Benjamin will warm up participants incorporating the hoop into dynamic stretches. Next, he will give a lesson, skill building in hoop manipulation as well as creative dance concepts. Following this, participants will be encouraged to work together through partner and group activities using the hoops. Each class will conclude with free time for students to improvise and practice whatever they are called to, followed by a cool down and discussion based check-in.. Time permitting, Benjamin will also put on a circus style multi-hoop performance to showcase the possibilities of the artform.


    Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $196.00

    Grade Level: K-12

    Audience Limit: 30



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    Grade Level: K-12

    Audience Limit: 300

    Performance cost (single): $530.00

    Performance cost (back to back): $860.00