Character Education Workshop

Character Education Workshop

We know that students as young as 2nd grade can learn about character education through improvisational theatre because we’ve taught them! Self-improvement, however, is a lifelong journey, and this workshop can work for all ages. Teachers said they wanted their students to learn acceptance, build confidence, do the right thing without being asked, and find the intrinsic motivation to be a good person, so we designed our workshop to achieve those goals. Students will learn about empathy and acceptance, listening for understanding, and that you can only control your own actions. At the end of Defiant Monkey Improv’s Character Education Workshop, students will be able to notice good character and try to become the best versions of themselves.


    Grade Level: 2 - 12, Adult, Family, Teacher

    Audience Limit: 18

    Workshop cost (45 minutes): $380.00

    Workshop cost (back to back): $530.00