Be Smart, Don't Start!

Be Smart, Don't Start!

This highly interactive program uses three multicultural folktales to emphasize healthy eating habits and saying “no” to bad ideas.


WILLIE WASSEL — in this Irish folktale, Willie Wassel meets three ghosts and learns that when you gamble, someone always loses ….. and, sooner or later, that someone is going to be you!

TRAVELLING TO TONDO — this folktale is from Central Africa and features a jungle cat, a pigeon, and a turtle who learn to say “no” to bad ideas!

THE THREE STRONG WOMEN — this folktale about healthy habits is from Japan. Forever Mountain thinks he is a pretty good suma wrestler until he meets the Three Strong Women. When they teach him healthy habits (like eating fruits and vegetables, reading books, and getting plenty of exercise outdoors), he becomes so strong that he wins the Emperor’s tournament.


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    Grade Level: K-5

    Audience Limit: 300

    Performance cost (single): $405.00

    Performance cost (back to back): $600.00