Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices

In this workshop, Ringo Brill & Steve Baczkowski bring the sounds of ancient music to life, connecting students to global indigenous musical traditions and teaching them about the physics of sound vibration.


This workshop is also recommended as a 2-10 session residency, where students will make a didjeridu and a shaker (a rain stick is also possible) and work together to investigate sound and make music with the artists. Students will construct, decorate and play their own musical instruments made from recycled heavy cardboard tubes and other materials. They will learn how to produce some basic sounds and collaboratively perform music using voice, percussion, and their handcrafted instruments.


    Grade Level: 3-12

    Audience Limit: 30

    Workshop cost (90 minutes of less): $265.00

    For workshops and residencies there is a materials fee of $75-$200 depending on the length of the residency.


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    Grade Level: 3-12
    Audience Limit: 200
    Performance cost (single): $380.00
    Performance cost (back to back): $530.00