sarah haykel


centered modalities. Haykel also created the Free to Be 5 Step Process: From Reactivity to Choice In Five Simple Steps, an empowerment toolthrough mindfulness for empathic and codependent people. See Haykel’s work and find out more

For over 28 years, Sarah Haykel has dedicated herself to personal growth, healing and development. As an
artist, certified Professional Life Coach, certified yoga instructor and teacher, Haykel works with children, adults and seniors to heal from insecurity and experience the joy of wholeness through mind - body - spirit techniques like mindfulness meditation, yoga, free form body movement, partner dancing, and life coaching. Haykel founded Salsa for the Soul in 2008, a dance company whose goal is to promote healthy, harmonious relationships through Latin partner dancing guided by a foundation in inclusivity, respectful relationships, fun and cultural education and celebration.
As a visual artist, Haykel creates ceramic wall hangings, thrown pottery and painted murals that inspire the viewer with scenes from nature and empowering affirmations. Haykel’s art, combined with her background in personal growth and development, give her a unique set of tools to empower people from diverse backgrounds, age groups and abilities with her creative, mind - body