Mette hata

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I am committed to Radical Welcoming and to Young Audiences' goals of equity, diversity, inclusion and antiracism. My workshops are safe spaces. Art is real and important and can be made by anyone. We all understand art because it is about us. Art is a way of understanding the world. It is a tool, a language and a process. These projects are designed with connections in mind. While you practice a skill and make a fun project you are also discovering something about art, nature, new technology and important issues of our time. There is always a point where you will turn all of this into something that is your own, and meaningful to you. Mette is a certified NYS K-12 art teacher with a MFA degree in painting. She keeps learning more about positive youth development, trauma-informed art practices, and new technologies, regularly taking part in training from Lincoln Center Education, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Professional Development, Young Audiences, local community centers, as well as art and technology organizations in New York City and Toronto. She has been with Young Audiences since 2015.