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Courtney Haeick

Courtney Haeick is an artist and educator, who lives in Tonawanda, NY and received her BFA in Art Education from Buffalo State College and is currently getting her Masters in Sculpture from SUNY New Paltz.


She works as a professional chalk artist in the summer and is commissioned to do chalk murals around Buffalo and Lockport areas. She has participated and won many awards at the Buffalo Chalk Festival and the Lockport Sweet Chalk Festival. She has also coordinated two charity chalk festivals to raise money for Alzheimer’s and the Teachers Desk organization.


She is currently the mural coordinator for the Kenmore, NY Village Improvement Society searching for young artists to design their own professional garden murals in the spring of 2021. Courtney also works as a freelance artist selling her drawings, paintings, sculptures and mural work.​ She has exhibited her fine art many times at Buffalo State College, the Keenan Center, the Erie County Fair, Kingston Idea Garden, North Tonawanda Galleries, and participated in an art show in Chicago.


Courtney is passionate about the arts and wants to bring more awareness to social issues in a creative way through painting, chalk art, dance, and sculptures. She believes art is a way of expression, passion, perseverance, and creativity in the way that shapes all cultures.


Chalk Art and Murals