Defiant Monkey Improv - YAWNY 2018 Smili

Defiant Monkey Improv

Defiant Monkey Improv is a two-person improvisational group that creates on-the-spot theatre based on audience suggestions and participation. Performers Karen L. Eichler and Andrew M. Spragge are experienced improvisers, actors, professional development specialists, and teaching artists who love to have as much fun as possible. They are the authors of the book The 5 Elements of Improv: How to Take Your Improv to the Next Level. Karen began performing improvisation with ComedySportz in 1997, graduated from The Second City Toronto, and has performed on stages across the country. She has also performed with a script in shows such as Annie the Musical, and as Madame Thenardier in Les Miserables and has been a children’s show performer and storyteller since 2000. Karen has a Master’s Degree in Education and has been a university professor since 1997, most recently teaching Public Speaking and College Writing. Andrew began improvising in 2005 with ComedySportz, and has been acting and directing since 1982. He has been seen in various productions over the years including as Daddy Warbucks in Annie, and Monsieur Thenardier in Les Miserables.


Trust Yourself! Improvisation Show

Brainy Active: A Theatre Game Exercise Workshop

Speak Up! Enhancing Communication Skills

All Together Now: Performance/ Workshop

Science on the Brain Show

Adventures in Reading

Intro to Improv Workshop

Character Education Workshop