Gaitrie Subryan

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Gaitrie Subryan holds a BA in Psychology and Communications from the University at Buffalo. She is a Teaching Artist, Performing Artist, and Certified Yoga Instructor, in addition she is the Founder and
Choreographer for Devi Bollywood Performing Arts based in Buffalo, NY. Through her work, Gaitrie is able to tap into her culture and roots by offering programs in Indian dance, Meditation, Yoga and Visual Art, she has taught over 7 years and has worked with grades Pre-K through High School as well as adults. She offers high quality movement based programs tailored to a broad range of young learners. Gaitrie does offer special programs that are available for youth with special learning needs, home school youth, after school
programs, and children of veteran and active duty military families. Gaitrie believes that her purpose is to enhance students' lives by access and understanding of art and its movements, creativity, relativity and technique. Gaitrie’s mission is to develop, nourish and produce modern and original works dealing with the Indian experiences through a movement based form of storytelling and capturing audiences attention by giving them an experience they can carry with them for years to come.